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A Mont Blanc factsheet from The British Mountaineering Council (BMC)

The homepage of Chamonix

A route description by Steve and Judy, July 1997

A Swedish site with description of an atempt (only in Swedish) Hans Wennerstr÷m

The Irish Alpine Association Fact Sheet of the Mont Blanc Massif

Another atempt page with a good FAQ page and map page

Refuges du Club Alpin Franšais (only in French) showing the ascent

Des Úcoliers sur le Mont-Blanc (only in French)

Mountaineering in the Alpes showing difficult routes

Photo's of Mont Blanc

Regular routes to Mont-Blanc with general info on Chamonix

Mont Blanc training course, your personal equipment (only in French)

Another atempt page in August 16-17, 1993

Another story

The Mont-Blanc Webcam

In the heart of the Alps

The seven summits

A panorama of Mont Blanc (found at

Peakware Word Mountain Encyclopedia (Mont Blanc). Also take a look at their Mont Blanc Summit Log

Discussion groups on the web concerning Mont Blanc

A Mont Blanc Summit Log

Summit attempt (only in Swedish) by Jan Hedestam

Ari's Base Camp Glacier and hiiking tips

The Mont Blanc range

Me at Aiguille du Midi, 15 September 2001


Picture of Mont Blanc, 15 May 2001 taken from Grand Montets


Another picture of Mont Blanc, 15 May 2001 taken from Grand Montets


Mont Blanc taken from Gex, 80km far away, 19 July 2001



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